Our approach to reporting

Report Content and Materiality

This report is focused on those areas that Kinross and its stakeholders consider to be significant or material. Materiality is determined by an assessment of those areas of primary interest or importance to:

  • Kinross employees, such as workplace health and safety, employee and career development;
  • Our community stakeholders;
  • Investors and shareholders; and
  • Local, regional and national governments in the jurisdictions where we work.

Public perception survey results, combined with ongoing stakeholder engagement efforts, and the assessments and analysis of senior managers and employees who have front-line responsibility in key areas of corporate responsibility, helped to inform the priority content and relative weighting of the issues discussed in this report. We have also considered environmental and social issues of broad public interest, issues raised in the media or other public forums, and issues of particular interest to the global mining industry. In addition, we have been guided by our Ten Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility and by various external standards such as the UN Global Compact Principles, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, and the GRI G3 Mining and Metals Sector Supplement Guidance for Defining Report Content.

The report includes a table of key stakeholder issues at our sites in the community. In our case studies, we have identified issues of broad interest to the global mining industry and related stakeholders, and have illustrated the Company’s approach to dealing with these.

We have reported on all G3 core indicators, on the Mining and Metals Sector Supplement, and on the G3 additional indicators to the extent that they are material to Kinross. Key performance indicators are reported on a Company-wide basis, a country and regional basis and by operating site.

Kinross continued to evaluate the merits of third-party assurance in 2011 and, in keeping with our previous reports, has elected to pursue a GRI check of this report. We are reporting to a GRI Report Application Level A. Our GRI Content Index, including the location of Standard Disclosures is available at http://takingresponsibility2011.kinross.com.

Throughout this report, the terms “Kinross” and the “Company” refer to Kinross Gold Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

If you require more information on this report, please contact:

Ed Opitz
Corporate Responsibility
Kinross Gold Corporation
416 369 6476

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