Managing our corporate responsibility

Our Policy Framework and Corporate Responsibility Management System

Kinross’ policy framework supports our Corporate Responsibility Strategy by articulating our commitments and standards in key areas, including environment, health and safety, social and community, suppliers and human rights.

Our Corporate Responsibility Management System (CRMS) encompasses these commitments and the associated systems for management, reporting, training and auditing our standards. The CRMS is modelled on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and requires each operation to establish management systems that address site-specific performance criteria and the procedures, responsibilities, and metrics necessary to maintain those criteria. In 2010, we introduced SRPs to incorporate social management system policies and processes to provide the same rigour to areas of our social performance that we have long established in environment, health and safety. Through our comprehensive CRMS, our operators around the world are guided and their performance measured by standards, guidelines and benchmarks in areas such as stakeholder engagement, community investment strategies, community grievance procedures and social impact assessments.

Corporate responsibility targets are set by each site annually and incorporated in the site’s corporate performance targets. Our CRMS requires our sites to measure and report their performance against Company-wide CR policies and standards. We conduct biennial audits of on-the-ground compliance with our standards in key areas of environment, health and safety, and community relations. We have also developed CRMS-specific metrics to track individual site performance in environment, health and safety, and community relations on a quarterly and annual basis, as part of the corporate performance management system.

In 2010 and 2011, we strengthened our policy framework and CRMS by:

  • Updating our environmental management standards for air emissions, water management, storm water, chemical and petroleum management, tailings management, waste management, and biodiversity; 
  • Continuing development on our Climate Change strategy; 
  • Completing our new Supplier Standards of Conduct and beginning development of The Kinross Way for supply chain management, with the aim of streamlining and making more transparent Kinross’ procurement processes;
  • Expanding audit protocols to measure social performance against standards and guidance, with the first round of audits set for 2012; and
  • Integrating our Tasiast and Chirano operations into our CRMS.

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