Ten Guiding Principles For Corporate Responsibility

1. We put people first and our number one priority is the safety of every employee.

2. We maintain the highest standards of corporate governance, ethics and honesty in all of our dealings, and operate in compliance with the law, wherever we work.

3. We promote an ongoing dialogue and engagement with stakeholders in the communities where we operate, maintained in a spirit of transparency and good faith.

4. We exercise utmost vigilance in protecting the environment and seek ways to minimize our environmental footprint wherever we operate. We will always meet and, where possible, exceed regulatory requirements in our environmental performance.

5. We consider all aspects of an operation or new project – including social, environmental, and post-closure issues – when making our investment decisions.

6. We conduct all of our activities in accordance with accepted standards in the protection and promotion of human rights. We respect the cultural and historical perspectives and rights of those affected by our operations, in particular indigenous peoples.

7. We provide a rewarding and meaningful livelihood to our employees and strive to be an employer of choice.

8. We seek to maximize employment, business and economic opportunities for local communities from our existing operations and new projects.

9. We provide lasting benefits to the communities where we work by supporting sustainable initiatives to develop their social, economic and institutional fabric. We recognize that every community is unique, and we work with our community partners to ensure that our support matches their priorities.

10. We maintain an active engagement and dialogue with our global industry peers, associations, governments and civil society on CSR best practices and evolving global standards.

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