Ensuring Ethical Conduct

Our Ten Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility underscore Kinross’ commitment to the highest standards of ethics and honesty: “We maintain the highest standards of corporate governance, ethics and honesty in all of our dealings, and operate in compliance with the law wherever we work.

The Kinross Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code) addresses workplace policies, environment, health and safety issues, third-party relationships, legal compliance, confidentiality issues and the use of Kinross assets. It strictly prohibits corruption, including participation in any bribes, kickbacks, or improper inducements or payments to any public official. The Code provides a framework for Kinross directors, employees and contractors and applies to all Kinross operations and to Kinross operated joint ventures. Our Whistleblower Policy provides employees and non-employees with a mechanism to confidentially report any concerns regarding accounting, auditing matters or concerns related to the Code such as corruption and bribery. All employees are required to sign the Code and the Whistleblower Policy upon hiring, and required to sign off on the Code annually. To read the code, visit www.kinross.com/about-kinross/corporate-governance/code-of-business-conduct.aspx.

In addition to the Code of Business Conduct and sign-off, we initiated the development of a Kinross education presentation and protocol regarding anti-corruption laws, company expectations for ethical behaviour and compliance, and risks of non-compliance with the Code. The education presentation and protocol is designed to strengthen employee understanding and awareness of these issues, and reinforce implementation of measures to prevent corrupt activities across Kinross operations. The protocol is being rolled out across Kinross in 2012.

Although not an area of strategic focus, donations to political parties and politicians are made from time to time in accordance with Kinross' Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Kinross' Corporate Donations and Sponsorship Policy and approved by the Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs.

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