Case Study 01:
Case Study 01: Engaging Employees in Responsible Mining

THE ISSUE: Helping employees “walk the talk” of corporate responsibility requires a company’s ongoing commitment to communication, training, and confirmation by way of shared success stories. It is a commitment all the more challenging for companies operating in a variety of countries and cultures. How does a company drive corporate responsibility into the bedrock of an organization?


Corporate responsibility is a core element of both our values and our business strategy. Kinross’ Four Values – which include Putting people first and Outstanding corporate citizenship – and Ten Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility apply to every Kinross employee worldwide, and have been consistently showcased and reinforced through multiple communication channels and in all of our official languages since they were launched in 2007.

Since 2009, Kinross has undertaken several initiatives to reinforce its commitment to CR leadership, including the development and launch of a Company-wide CR strategy. The strategy provides an enhanced Policy Framework, a Corporate Responsibility Management System and site-specific Site Responsibility Plans that, together, are helping us ensure our behaviour on the ground consistently reflects our commitment to our communities.

With our workforce projected to increase as our growth projects are developed and come into production, it is essential that we continue to strengthen our CR-related employee engagement initiatives.

At the senior management level, we are systematically integrating CR risks and opportunities into our annual business planning cycle. Our CR site managers share best practices throughout the year by way of regular teleconferences, two-day workshops and other training, Kinross’ intranet site, and other information exchanges.

We engage with our global workforce through a variety of vehicles, including our annual Living Our Values Awards and such communication channels as the employee magazine Kinross World, electronic newsletter Kinross World Now, the Kinross Connected intranet, quarterly CEO Town Hall meetings, and our biennial Corporate Responsibility Report.

In 2011, we produced a new 40-page handbook for employees, Responsible Mining and You, and distributed copies to our global workforce in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. The handbook details what corporate responsibility means to Kinross and why it is critical to our business, underlining our fundamental responsibility to respect and care for our fellow employees, our communities and the environment. Its purpose is to reinforce that the Company’s reputation as a responsible mining company depends entirely on the collective efforts of employees worldwide.

Our 2011 employee survey told us that more than 79% of Kinross employees recognize and value Kinross’ corporate responsibility efforts. The CR Handbook is one additional tool to keep corporate responsibility top of mind every day.

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