In the community

Performance and Goals

Performance highlights in 2010 and 2011 include the following:

  • Introduced SRPs as the corporate standard for a consistent community responsibility approach across Kinross operations. See overview of SRPs in Managing Corporate Responsibility
  • Integrated our West African operations at Tasiast and Chirano into our CRMS; 
  • Advanced the development and implementation of community responsibility strategies at each site; 
  • Measured baseline conditions in each community in order to monitor ongoing results from implementation of the SRPs;
  • Advanced specific stakeholder engagement initiatives at various sites, as outlined in regional summaries in this report;
  • Identified new opportunities for engagement arising from SRP implementation; and
  • Supported a wide range of community development and capacity-building programs and partnerships, detailed throughout this report.

2012 Goals

  • Continue integration of the SRP into business processes by conducting periodic SRP audits and by developing and implementing a performance measurement and reporting framework for the SRPs.
  • Foster local procurement where possible by integrating the SRPs into the strategic business planning process for each site.
  • Continue to develop the skills and knowledge of Kinross staff through CR training.
  • Deliver SRP guidance and training for Kinross’ Exploration group.

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