Environmental responsibility

Performance and Goals

Performance highlights in 2010 and 2011 include the following:

  • Updated environmental management standards in a number of areas, including air emissions, water, tailings and waste, and biological resources;
  • Advanced the integration of Kinross’ West African operations to align them to Kinross’ corporate environmental standards;
  • Provided compliance training to all sites in North America;
  • Completed engineered risk assessments in 2010 at Fort Knox and in 2011 at Paracatu, Tasiast, Kupol and Kettle River-Buckhorn;
  • Completed independent technical reviews of tailings storage facilities in 2010 at Kettle River-Buckhorn, Round Mountain, Paracatu and Crixás, and in 2011 at Paracatu, Kupol and Fort Knox;
  • Carried out integrated environment, health and safety audits in 2010 at La Coipa, DeLamar, Maricunga and Fruta del Norte, and in 2011 at Fruta del Norte, Chirano, Mineral Hill, Tasiast, Kupol, Paracatu, Fort Knox, and Kettle River-Buckhorn;
  • Improved Carbon Disclosure Project scoring, placing us in the top 10% of Canadian reporting companies and earning us leadership recognition for our transparency and comprehensive disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions; 
  • Received Cyanide Code Certification at La Coipa in 2011, meeting our goal of having all operating sites certified. Also Fort Knox and Round Mountain achieved recertification in 2011 and Paracatu was recertified in 2012. With the acquisition of Red Back Mining in 2010, two additional operations in West Africa have been added to our future certification goal;
  • Completed a Global Energy Assessment for all operations in 2010. Continued to assess opportunities for energy strategies that focus on both optimization of supply through improvements in energy efficiency; 
  • Received an environmental licence for mining exploration at Fruta del Norte in Ecuador, becoming the first mining company in the country to receive such a licence under the terms of Ecuador’s new Mining Law and related regulations; and
  • Announced the Kinross Gold Chair in Environmental Governance at the University of Guelph, funded by a $1 million contribution to the University’s BetterPlanet Project.

2012 Goals

  • Provide compliance training at all sites outside North America.
  • Update global environmental strategy.
  • Obtain Cyanide Code certification at Chirano.
  • Obtain approved EIA for Lobo-Marte project.
  • Obtain approved Phase 2 EIA for Tasiast expansion.
  • Implement Tasiast Environmental Management System.
  • Conduct global Environment and Permitting Workshop, in Copiapó, Chile.
  • Carry out tailings reviews at Tasiast, Chirano and Paracatu.

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