In the workplace


Our Strategy

Kinross aims to attract and retain the best people in the industry; provide a safe, rewarding, and engaging work experience; and foster a high performance work culture across our global operations.

In the coming years, Kinross must attract a significant number of new employees to support our current operations and growth projects. Our challenge is to do this in a very competitive market characterized by an aging workforce in some of the countries in which we operate, and a lack of educational infrastructure and significant skills gaps in others. In 2011, we implemented a number of strategies to focus our efforts on meeting this challenge.

Our strategic initiatives centre on:

  • Attracting the employees to meet our current and future needs;
  • Building a global workforce by providing skills training to new employees and career development opportunities for current employees; 
  • Developing and training employees, including leaders who model our values and create an inspiring and collegial workplace culture; and 
  • Engaging and retaining employees by supporting a safe and welcoming work environment and strong leadership.

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