In the workplace


Fostering a Global Workforce

We are investing significant energy and resources in recruiting and developing talented people by:

  • Launching a comprehensive and integrated global recruitment campaign based on the development and promotion of a distinctive Kinross Employer Brand. The Company’s strong commitment to Corporate Responsibility is a key element in the campaign, which is largely structured around testimonials from employees worldwide about their experiences working for Kinross. Elements include a new dedicated Careers section on the corporate website, videos, print advertising, targeted use of various social media channels, and extensive participation in job fairs, career days, and other recruiting events; 
  • Working with educational institutions to identify training and educational initiatives that are of mutual benefit to the region and to Kinross, as well as providing strategic support for post-secondary research. See Corporate Contribution Highlights in the Economic Responsibility section of this report;
  • Developing local employees in countries such as Mauritania and Ecuador, where we face a major shortage of trained local workforce. We are creating and leveraging local skills development programs and advancing partnerships with technical institutions to instruct hundreds of local people. At Tasiast, we are investing in employee training, including establishing our own educational facilities to offer programs tailored to specific jobs. For more information, see Case Study 4 Developing a Skilled Workforce in Mauritania;
  • Creating a global employment organization of senior professionals, technical trainers, and skilled tradespeople, who are assigned to operations or development projects as the need arises; and 
  • Introducing an integrated Performance Management system across our operations, with implementation in North America in 2011, and in Chile and Brazil in 2012. We also began to roll out our global performance management process to Ecuador, Russia and West Africa, with an emphasis on pay for performance, and further integrated the behavioural aspect of performance measurement.

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