In the workplace


Employee Education, Training and Development

We provide a wide range of training, skills and career development opportunities that promote professional competency, personal growth and safety, culture-building initiatives and structured performance management evaluations.

The performance of Kinross senior management is evaluated, in part, on how well they attract, retain and develop talent in their respective teams and organizations.

Developing our Leaders

Executing successful leadership development programs is vital to motivating and retaining Kinross employees. In 2010, in response to input to our global employee survey, we introduced training that focuses on fostering leadership behaviours that are consistent with Kinross’ values. As part of this process, we created a set of leadership practices that provide guidelines to aid us in hiring, evaluating and developing leaders at Kinross.

We also advanced a new global curriculum to support the development of supervisor and management leadership. Learning modules include a leadership and supervisory skills core program, and online business management, personal leadership and language skills training. Curriculum development will continue through 2012.

In 2011, we formalized the on-boarding process specific to regional vice-presidents and general managers. Under this and other programs, we provided approximately 4,100 hours of leadership training at the corporate level in 2011.





We provide a variety of global training programs and site-specific initiatives, usually in partnership with local institutions. For example, we offer a levelling program for our local employees at our Fruta del Norte (FDN) project. This allows them to complete their basic education so they can pursue further skills training at technical institutions. In 2011, we had 62 employees enrolled in literacy and basic education programs. They will graduate in August 2012 with Grade 10 certificates from Ecuador’s Ministry of Education. An additional 71 employees, who are attending classes to refresh their knowledge, will receive certificates of achievement from Kinross. We have also implemented extensive training initiatives at our Tasiast operations. See Case Study 4: Developing a Skilled Workforce in Mauritania.

Our Kinross Connected intranet site also plays an important role as a platform for the Company’s organizational learning initiatives. Launched in 2010, it is accessible to employees across our global operations and development projects. As part of our Business Optimization program, employees can also access information about best practices.

We conduct mandatory safety and environmental training for each employee at all of our sites and risk competency training to continuously improve safety performance. Examples of safety and risk management training at certain of our sites can be found in the Health and Safety section of this report.

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