In the community


Kinross is a major employer in the region near our Kupol operations. We provide economic and social support to the indigenous Chukchi people of the region through employment, contractor and supplier purchases, and other services.

In 2008, we reached an agreement with the Chukotka Regional Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East to help ensure that the benefits of Kupol reach the region’s indigenous peoples. Under the 2008 agreement, a representative of the Association sits on the Foundation’s selection committee, and one-third of the $250,000 annual grants are earmarked for indigenous peoples’ initiatives. Our goal is to increase their participation and the impact of the initiatives funded by the Foundation. To learn more, see discussions of the Kupol Foundation in this report.

In 2011, Kinross took part in a round table focusing on the development of partnerships between gold mining companies and indigenous minorities of the Chaunsk district. Other participants included government and district authorities, representatives of the Pevek Sea Port, and NGOs.

Kinross helped celebrate the International Indigenous Peoples Day in July 2011 with an exhibition of artifacts at the Kupol site and a visit with suppliers to reindeer herders who operate in the regions of our mines.

We helped the children and families in Ilirnei, Ritkuchi, Yanranay settlements and the city of Pevek celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2011 with the presentation by Kinross employees of more than 300 gifts. The program was carried out in partnership with the Indigenous Peoples department of the Chaunsk district administration.

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