In the community


More than 5,000 Shuar people live in Zamora-Chinchipe, the region where our Fruta del Norte project is located. They are one of the largest indigenous groups in Ecuador.

In 2009, we signed a co-operation agreement with the Shuar Federation of Zamora-Chinchipe, which provides a framework for projects designed to improve the quality of life of people in the region. Developed in co-operation with government, NGOs and local communities, the projects focus on education, community infrastructure, sports and cultural programs.

In 2011, Kinross provided funding for the construction of the Shuar Nation’s Ethnographic Museum, which supports the preservation and display of cultural artifacts from Shuar history. Through another program, Kinross supported training for 70 Shuar youth to help them develop leadership skills and self-confidence.

We updated our agreement with the Shuar Nation early in 2012. For more information on our relationship with the Shuar people and the programs we support, see Case Study 7: Working with the Shuar Nation.

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