In the community


Engaging Our Stakeholders

Engaging host governments and public stakeholders in a meaningful way is a key pillar of Kinross’ approach to corporate responsibility. Our Ten Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility require that our operations promote dialogue and engagement with stakeholders in the communities where we operate, in a spirit of transparency and good faith.

In 2010, Kinross incorporated stakeholder engagement as a core aspect of our SRPs. Designed to promote consistency, the key elements for engagement – stakeholder identification and mapping, an engagement and consultation plan, and tools for monitoring and measuring progress – are now in place at all of our sites. As a cornerstone of engagement, and an essential part of the SRP framework, each Kinross site is required to have a standing mechanism where community and site interactions can be discussed effectively with representatives of key stakeholder groups. Community advisory mechanisms were in place at all of our operations and projects in 2010 and 2011.

In 2011, our operations focused on building their capacity to better manage the rapid evolution of engagement issues, partners and opportunities. To support our corporate responsibility managers and other employees, and to strengthen their day-to-day interactions with our stakeholders, Kinross began rolling out a series of engagement training modules, including topics of grievance management, human rights and advanced stakeholder engagement.

Our engagement initiatives cover a spectrum of approaches, and vary depending on the stakeholders or issues. They include regular meetings with officials and neighbours; negotiated agreements; formal dialogue tables and stakeholder committees; community, business, government and school presentations and partnerships; targeted and public mine tours; participation in local cultural and sports events; and informal, impromptu conversations.

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