Kinross Community Focus

  • Local Infrastructure Development Our operations partner with government and other entities to help build schools, health-care facilities, civic gathering places, and other vital infrastructure in the communities where we operate.
  • Civic Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations Kinross partners with select civic organizations to make a positive difference in the lives of local families. Our financial assistance is also critical to local aid and non-profit organizations that help the poor, homeless and other disadvantaged members of the community.
  • Education and Youth Kinross provides significant support for local schools, skilled trades programs, and other training and educational initiatives. We also support a wide variety of youth and sporting events that equip local children with the opportunity to contribute, compete and learn.
  • Community Activities and Services Our operations and employees play an important role in the activities that tie our communities together, such as festivals, music groups and other cultural activities. In some areas, Kinross plays a critical role in supporting such community services as volunteer fire departments, search and rescue groups, and libraries.
  • Health Our operations support local health-care providers, research organizations, and services for patients living with health challenges.
  • Small Business Support We leverage the economic value generated by our activities by supporting a broad spectrum of small businesses in the communities where we operate. This includes support for potential suppliers as well as capacity-building programs for local business ventures.
  • Regional Development and Grants Our support for, and participation in, economic associations, planning commissions, and other initiatives that encourage growth reflect our commitment to engage with our communities on an ongoing and forward-looking basis. Some of our mines have also established foundations that enable community members to decide which community initiatives Kinross should support.
  • Local Employment Wherever feasible, we hire employees locally and provide supply contracts to local and regionally based businesses. We have been able to successfully recruit the majority of our mine site operations and management teams from local talent pools.

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