In the community

Our Commitment

At Kinross, we believe that responsible mining can generate sustainable value in host countries and host communities. We strive to minimize the negative impacts of our operations, maximize the positive economic and social benefits of our presence in the community, and improve the overall quality of people’s lives in a manner that is sustainable beyond the life of the mine.

Kinross’ Ten Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility define specific commitments that apply at all our operations and development projects. Community-related commitments are operationalized through our Site Responsibility Plans (SRPs) which provide a framework for planning and implementing stakeholder engagement strategies that support our community relationships. Through active engagement and dialogue, our goal is to keep our neighbours informed about our activities, and provide them with opportunities to raise issues of interest or express their concerns. We seek at all times to respond to those concerns with promptness and clarity.

By engaging with stakeholders, we identify strategic areas where our operations can support long-term community development. We provide assistance for hundreds of initiatives, with the aim of working with local partners to address real needs and provide funding where the impact will be greatest. The SRPs help us quantify the “benefit footprint” of these initiatives, both in the near term – through job creation and local supplier contracts – and the long term – through programs that help build local business, support education and foster economic sustainability.

Achieving these benefits requires engagement, partnership, and co-ordination between ourselves and our partners in the private sector, governments, and civil society and stakeholders in our host communities.

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