A Global Time out for Safety

In April 2011, all Kinross employees and contractors at every operation, project site and office stopped work and took time to reflect on our safety performance. After observing an increase in Company-wide injury rates in the first quarter of 2011, our Global Time Out for Safety was initiated to reinforce safety as a fundamental value across the Company and to refocus efforts to improve safety performance. Kinross leaders shared the key requirements needed from employees to ensure that safety is the top priority and challenged workers to evaluate their personal behaviours and identify opportunities for improvement. The event generated a list of focus areas that all employees felt were important, including:

  • Analyzing, planning and controlling risks;
  • Identifying, reporting and acting on near misses;
  • Using proper safety equipment;
  • Eliminating a risk-tolerant mindset, and building a safety-oriented mining culture;
  • Establishing good habits and best practices for new employees during hiring; 
  • Empowering employees to have the confidence to recognize unsafe acts and take appropriate action, and to communicate with colleagues when carrying out tasks that require assistance; and
  • Taking ownership and accountability, ensuring the right people are equipped with the appropriate tools to maintain safety standards.



1 Excludes Crixás

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