Health and safety

Our Commitment

Taking care of health and safety is the most important part of everything we do at Kinross. Our health and safety practices are rooted in our value of “putting people first”, and our commitment is to ensure that health and safety are consistently top priorities at all of our sites. We meet that pledge through our health and safety policy framework, regular and comprehensive training, and the targets and performance standards we have established through our Corporate Responsibility Management System (CRMS). Oversight rests with the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors.

Kinross believes that the overall performance of a mine is generally reflected in its safety record. Working safely reflects a well-run operation and a skilled and dedicated team making the right decisions. In 2010 and 2011, we reinforced our commitment to health and safety through a number of measures:

  • Appointed a Vice-President Health and Safety, a new position that reports directly to the President and Chief Operating Officer;
  • Became a member of the Mining Safety Roundtable, a group of senior health and safety professionals from several of the world’s leading mining companies who collaborate to strengthen safety practices and policies within the industry; and
  • Further integrated health and safety as part of Kinross’ CRMS.

Coincident with the publication of this 2011 report, Kinross approved a new Health and Safety Policy. Our updated policy makes clear that responsibility for safety rests with every employee and every contractor. With the exception of Round Mountain, all our sites have worker-management health and safety committees that champion on-the-ground best practice. Round Mountain is implementing its committee in 2012.

At the regional level, a recently formed team made up of senior health and safety representatives meets semi-annually to share best practices and discuss the implementation of corporate policy, systems and standards within a local regulatory and cultural context.

Kinross Health and Safety Policy

At Kinross, putting people first is a core value. Health and safety are our No. 1 priorities. Concerning health and safety Kinross will:

  • Ensure that systems exist to prevent harm to our people, processes and property;
  • Hold every employee and contractor, in all aspects of Kinross’ business life cycle, accountable for performing their work in a safe manner and complying with Kinross’ Health and Safety Standards;
  • Meet or exceed applicable legal and regulatory requirements wherever we operate; and
  • Operate our business in a manner which empowers and holds accountable regions and sites to implement, maintain and continuously improve their health and safety systems.

The complete Health and Safety Policy is available on

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