Environmental responsibility


Spills and Releases

All Kinross operations are designed and operated to minimize the potential consequences associated with accidental chemical spills and unplanned release of untreated water.

Our operations are designed with secondary containments with sufficient storage capacity to prevent the release of accidental spillage or unplanned releases associated with storm events. To ensure that adequate secondary containment is available should an upset or incident occur, all mines are required to maintain accurate, up-to-date, predictive water balance models. Should an incident occur, emergency plans are in place to enable our operations to respond quickly and effectively to protect personnel and the environment, reduce the size and potential consequences of the incident, and promptly clean up and remediate the area. We have established mutual aid alliances with local and regional emergency response services to provide valuable ongoing experience and training for our emergency personnel as well as improving our ability to respond to chemical transport incidents outside our sites.

In 2010 and 2011, Kinross experienced a total of 17 spills and releases. Six were spills associated with vehicles. All were quickly contained and resulted in no significant impact. One spill involved tailings and occurred when a pipe broke during the construction of a new tailings facility at Chirano. The spill was quickly contained with no measurable impact off site.

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